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Schools That Lead
advancing powerful student learning

Schools That Lead: advancing powerful student learning

We help educators learn the tools of Improvement Science to solve complex problems, so that every student learns powerfully.




Our Mission

Equitable outcomes for students is our mission. We bring educators together in collective action to solve problems of practice identified in research to accelerate improvement across networks of schools.


Our Schools

Schools That Lead is partnering with 34 North Carolina K-12 district and charter schools that serve 17,000 students, 70% of whom live in poverty.


Improvement Team from W. A. Pattillo Middle School, Edgecombe County, NC

Our Work: Networked Improvement

North Carolina Networked Improvement Communities

Ownership matters. Engaging key participants early and often is central to the practice of improvement science.  Teachers and principals care deeply about student outcomes; it is their daily work. Inviting teachers and principals to work together to understand a problem deeply and contribute to a shared theory not only builds will for solving the problem, but also informs the ways we understand the problem.  Those closest to the work help define the high leverage areas to work on.

Taking collective action on a shared aim in this way does more than solve the one identified problem of practice; it marshals the energy, knowledge, and attention of teachers and principals to close persistent gaps for students, and the collection, analysis and monitoring of data ensures that changes are indeed improvements toward the aim. It builds and reinforces the identity of teachers as problem-solvers, and that changes the cultures of schools.

Hear from a principal and teacher leader about the work of Schools That Lead's Networked Improvement Communities in North Carolina.

December 2018

Schools That Lead is heading in a direction that will help all districts and the network between us.

Principal, North Carolina

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